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California took in more than $208 million in marijuana tax revenue during the last quarter, slightly exceeding figures from the first quarter of the year, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) announced on Wednesday. While numerous industries are suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic, the report from California is another example of how the cannabis market seems to be riding out the storm. “Total tax revenue reported by the cannabis industry is $208.4 million for 2nd Quarter returns due by

As a rabbi who works in the cannabis industry, I’m considered safe. Neighbors, friends, even fellow clergy approach me with questions and requests: “How do I join the program?” “Does cannabis help with [fill-in-the-blank]?” “Do you have any samples?” The questions vary, but the conversations usually end the same way: “Rabbi, please keep this between us.” “Of course,” I respond, “Your secret is safe with me!” But inside, I know that keeping quiet about cannabis is ultimately dangerous. Secrecy perpetuates the stigma and shame that have for too

The series of wildfires ravaging Northern California have inflicted major damage on several marijuana farms, with possibly more outdoor grow operations threatened in the region. “There are a ton of farms that are located in the fire’s path. No one’s out of the woods yet. This is just starting,” said Keala Peterson, whose small, family-run cannabis operation, Sweet Creek Farms in Sonoma County, was damaged by the fires. Peterson noted that many of the largest fire complexes were either not contained at

For one, CDPH rule 40175(c) bans the use of hemp or CBD in cannabis products even though there is no real reason to continue to prohibit the use of hemp-derived cannabinoids. California’s three cannabis agencies — the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) — aggressively regulate every aspect of the state’s licensed cannabis industry. Most of the agencies’ rules make sense or have some justifiable purpose. Today, I

Wildfires are raging across California, leaving hundreds of thousands of charred acres in their wake. In addition to burning homes and landscapes, the fires have destroyed potentially hundreds of cannabis grows. David Downs, California bureau chief for Leafly, says that damage goes beyond simply being burned. “Crops can burn of course, but they can be tainted by wildfire smoke that makes the weed taste smoky. They call it campfire kush as a joke,” Downs says. Cannabis that has been tainted by

With only a few days left in the 2020 legislative session, California state lawmakers are still considering three significant bills related to both marijuana and hemp that could yet become law. The measures include: Assembly Bill 1525, which would make it easier for legal marijuana companies to obtain banking services. Assembly Bill 2028, which would establish new hemp industry regulations if an amendment is formally adopted. The legislation in effect would impose stricter regulation on hemp and CBD products. Senate Bill 827, which

The report compiles information from numerous California cities and counties that altogether received $40 million in funding—outlining demographics, cannabis arrests and other statistics as well as plans to create equity programs. The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has sent a report to the state legislature on equity grant funding. The $40 million in grants were “authorized by the California Cannabis Equity Act of 2018 (Equity Act) and the Budget Act of 2019,” according to a notice the BCC sent to its email subscribers

Law enforcement officers served search warrants at five unlicensed cannabis dispensaries in San Diego County this week, seizing $1.1 million in cash and 3,000 pounds of marijuana while taking six people into custody on various charges. The raids at the illegal pot shops in the suburbs of Lakeside, Chula Vista, and Spring Valley were conducted by deputies with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday. Search warrants were also served at homes in San Diego and Jamul as well as

Cannabis makes you feel good. A simple yet powerful tool to market in the modern pandemic world. In 2020, how could consumers not be compelled to try for more joy, to seek happiness or some sort of relief from the chaos of the world? I want to feel good. I dislike feeling bad. The news cycle, with the pandemic and faltering economy, has gotten dark. Cannabis offers a ray of hope in these unprecedented times. When it comes to cannabis for depression, anxiety, PTSD,

The landscape of cannabis evolved from its dark past as a substance of abuse, it is now considered a drug with therapeutic benefits. Other areas where cannabis excels are its robust sales, which can help spur economic growth and job generation to fill the staff requirement of companies from seed cultivation to store sales. In the U.S., more states are expected to wave the green flag in favor of cannabis use for therapeutic or recreational purposes or both. Understanding a legal state’s