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COVID-19 Recession Creates Even More California Cannabis Start Up Opportunities


Due to the ravaging pending and projected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on local job markets and commercial property occupancy rates throughout California, more cities and counties are looking to embrace cannabis businesses as a lifeline to new taxes, fees, tenants and employment options.

Despite Prop 64’s historic 2016 victory, only approximately one-third of the state’s jurisdictions permit cannabis activities to operate today, with Retailer Dispensaries and outdoor cultivation being the most rarely allowed.

Cities and counties leaders who are granted final authority to allow, prohibit or greatly limit cannabis activity and were only months ago blessed with stuffed tax coffers, high commercial property occupancy rates and a very low unemployment are now looking to regulated cannabis for help. The perceived hassle and risk associated with permitting cannabis commerce, including the design and implementation of the local application process needed, is now seen as necessary to survive.

Chris Cox, founder of BeGreenLegal, a leading California Cannabis Consulting firm that helps companies get and keep their licenses, says, “The number of Storefront and Delivery Retailers open in California is likely just one-tenth of what is needed to properly and safely serve the consumer and patient market. To make matters worse, the existing roster is heavily weighted in a few areas, leaving very large portions of California communities massively underserviced.”

Those interested in joining the “green rush” should be on the lookout for the most common rollout patterns in their target markets. “We’re already seeing a rush of new local tax measures being put before voters in November. Taxation rights, as well as requests for staff reports and draft ordinances, are the first steps towards applications, which all have to happen before application windows open.” Cox says adding, “The City Councils and County Supervisors seem to be learning from their peers’ mistakes by establishing easier, quicker and less politically-charged approval processes.”

Cox advises, “Entrepreneurs that are ready to take advantage of this momentum swing may have a shortcut that saves hundreds of thousands, or even millions compared to the earlier, bleeding edge applicants.”

Based in SacramentoBeGreenLegal Consulting helps new and veteran cannabis businesses by developing custom and comprehensive business strategies before implementing their industry-leading processes to identify optimal locations, compose winning applications and to support their clients during and after the licenses are approved.

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SOURCE BeGreenLegal Consulting


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