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SACRAMENTO – The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) and the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigation-Cannabis Enforcement Unit (DOI-CEU) today announced enforcement action on two unlicensed cannabis retailers operating in Southern California. On Tuesday, January 28, DOI-CEU served a search warrant on an illegal cannabis business, “Garden of Faith”, located at 24400 Muirlands Blvd., Unit E in Lake Forest. The operation resulted in the seizure of $400,000 in cannabis products and illicit vape pens. Additionally, $55,724 in cash was seized

  SACRAMENTO – Today, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) provided notice to the public of proposed emergency cannabis regulations that would make it mandatory for cannabis businesses to post their unique Quick Response Code (QR Code) certificate in storefront windows and carry it with them while transporting or delivering cannabis. The move is designed to help consumers identify licensed cannabis retail stores, assist law enforcement and support the legal cannabis market where products such as vape cartridges are routinely tested

Bureau of Cannabis Control SACRAMENTO – A random sampling of the cannabis products seized from unlicensed retailers during a major enforcement operation in Los Angeles last month were found to contain undisclosed additives, some of them potentially dangerous, and significantly lower amounts of THC than claimed on the label. California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) seized more than 10,000 illegal vape pens from unlicensed cannabis retailers in Los Angeles during a three-day enforcement operation in December 2019, in coordination with other

Legislative Analyst’s Office calls for taxing marijuana based on potency and dropping cultivation taxes. California’s struggling cannabis industry didn’t get the recommendation many hoped for — a call to sharply lower the industry’s tax rate — but a long-awaited state report did suggest a marijuana tax overhaul. The report from California’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Office, released Tuesday, Dec. 17, says lawmakers should ditch the way the state currently taxes marijuana and, instead, tax cannabis at different rates based on its potency. Such

The market for CBD, or cannabidiol, products is exploding in California -- but the state says even if the active ingredient, derived from marijuana, doesn't make you high, it still must be licensed. LOS ANGELES — Greg and Gary Avetisyan make no secret of it: They proudly sell all manner of products infused with CBD, from essential oils to bath bombs to fruity tealike beverages that promise calming relief in a frantic world. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a molecule derived from